Craig Campbell
Craig Campbell

"...a Genius of our time
When I first met Craig Campbell I had the same feeling as when I was standing in the Rodin Museum in Paris. In awe of the genius behind such beautiful creations...
... Craig’s sculpture is primarily figurative, or animal related and often has a flair of whimsy. Craig’s focus is to express life through sculpture, and that he certainly does. To see him working is incredibly inspiring
We too often feel the need to travel to see such beautiful pieces of art or to look in our history only to find them on our door step actively working in our present day. What a gift to be able to be in the presence of a great artist. It does give you a sense of the wonderful and whimsical."

-excerpt Vintage Revival

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monument guys!





images by Campbell studios

images by Campbell studios






Lt. Gen. Thomas P. Stafford - lunar legend

Craig first came to our facility way back at the turn of the century. He had a HUGE monumental Lion family to make and he chose us for the project. It went really well if my memory serves me right, and like that, after it was completed, Craig was gone! It was nearly 10 more years until we made contact again on Facebook, and then to find out he was working on The Hobbit movie for a good part of 5 years in New Zealand.

Jump ahead about a year ago about the same time we began filming the pilot for Monument Guys, I began to realize, along with brother Steve that we were not capable of creating so much in such a short time frame so talking with the director Rob Muraskin he thought it best for them to find another talent. I said NO, that will be my job, period! There was no argument because Rob, in the little time he had spent with us, knew that this talent HAD to be in The Crucible’s best interest…it wasn’t even a full day, in fact I had a dream of Craig, just a simple vision…and the next morning I walked into my office and the first thing that caught my eye was the piece Craig had given to me way back when. It was of Kurt Russel in character from the remake movie he starred in called “The Thing” (You can see it in the slideshow above). I took a quick image and sent it to Rob, then I immediately called him telling him my search was finished. He said, “well, that’s kind of quick, I need to meet him, see him, and ok this as well” I told him HE IS PERFECT for the role, plus he’s a hell of a sculptor…Long story, short, He was on board that week, Rob called me after meeting him over the phone, along with an image, and said HE IS PERFECT… the rest is “History”…Even though I am writing this 3 days AFTER our cancellation of the show, it’s a great story, one I will cherish for the rest of my days! As for the show? You just never know………………….To Be Continued!