Bob Hogan
Bob Hogan

In 1994, Hogan discovered his natural talent for sculpting while watching an artist sculpt at an art show. After observing for some time, Hogan turned to his wife and said, "I think I can do that." He decided to read some books and take classes but was advised by a wise elderly gentleman that books and classes would only reveal answers to questions he did not even know he should be asking. He gave Hogan some clay and some tools and told him to try his hand. His first piece as a sculptor was immediately accepted by a prominent Dallas gallery. The gallery director told him to quit his job as a clothing rep and focus on being a sculptor. That day was the beginning of the release of an artistic expression that had been bound for 44 years. Says Bob Hogan "This is a picture of salvation from God, a gift I did nothing to deserve; all I had to do was accept that which was provided."

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Mr. Hogan has worked with us a very long time, doing some iconic sculptures along the way. His passion for perfection is endless! It’s a pleasure to work with Bob, his humor is delightful and his professional demeanor is a pleasure to work with, Thanks Bob, we appreciate you very much…

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"12th man"