Tax Month…oh Boy!

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Taxes? What a great way to get depressed…lol

But…we carry on! Art Survives! Speaking of Art, the Pachoderm project is in full tilt with sculptor Jocelyn Russell from Washington state! We will install this incredible project next April, a year from now, very excited to have her on board!

Also, by the end of this month will be the final staging of the Heroic Pope John Paul II sculpted by our dear friend, Teresa Clark from Indiana. He will reside in the windy city of Chicago in mid May, we will have some great images, as well as some time lapse videos, so stay tuned!

We hope your Spring has been a pleasant one and if you happen to stumble by some morel mushrooms, do not hesitate to give us a call, we will come remove them, free of charge! 😉