November, One to remember….

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I am running about 2 weeks over here for my monthly Blog…Many reasons have contributed to this, but the major one is the passing of our father, Thomas Dale Palmerton…Steve, my sisters and myself, all made the pilgrimage to Brownville, Nebraska where we set him free on the mighty Missouri River.

The river was in someway a sacred space to our dad, his masterpieces were heavily influenced by its solemn power…He taught us to be respectful of it always, and some of my greatest memories of him will be of our many adventures together on this epic stream of water! The one that comes to mind is the day I fell through the ice off what I thought was a “sandbar”, We were hunting ducks south of Brownville , it was bitter cold, I had all of my hunting gear on, as well as my beloved shotgun he gave me. Long story short, I was very lucky, first off, I only went up to my chest in that frigid water and secondly, my dad was there to save my dumb ass…how many times had he told me to watch out for the wind blown sand over ice, I couldn’t count them if I tried…He literally threw me over his shoulder and B-Lined it for the truck, about 3 football fields away…never minding his dog Crucible, his weapon, the decoys…by the time I was home I couldn’t feel anything on my lower body, but Mom and Dad got me back to “room temp”…Like I said, he was my hunting buddy, I will miss him greatly…he’s with Mom now, maybe they’ll find their peace….I love you both!

Returning home from dad’s new celebration of life, I became very ill and as I pen this today, I am still not 100%…but the foundry is bustling with work, the incredible Pope John Paul II monument is really coming together nicely, it is definitely our main focus this month…we’re going to try to install it before Christmas, weather permitting! Chicago can be pretty unstable these winter months, we’ll see…

On a personal note, the events that happened in France were appalling, the lame stream media is calling it Frances “9/11″…I call it unforgivable! I hope humanity finally figures out that these kinds of violent acts need to be dealt with force!! The leader of France said they will be “pitiless” in their search for the ones responsible, I can only hope they find resolve with success, these radical monsters need to be dealt with harshly! I’m done…

May your Thanksgiving be one with peace, with family, with Art…God Bless America!

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