October, my favorite Month! Boo!

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Indeed it is, time for the Zombies to arise, the witches to fly, the ghosts to haunt! I am not sure why this month has so mesmerized all of these years, but it does…the weather change, the colors in the forrest, the crisp morning breaths of fresh air…

From last month, we are still going strong on the iconic Pope John Paul II, he’s getting “Bigger” everyday, we’ll be posting images as soon as we get the ok, from the powers that be…we are doing a time lapse video, it will be amazing!

OSU is in full motion, Maritta Black’s horses are “stamped & approved” by the University! We;re even doing a life size saddle, which should be , uhh, interesting!

On a final note for October, there is a sadness I want to share. We lost a beautiful talent this month, Robert Ash…worked with this man in New Mexico back in the late 90’s, an eclectic soul artistically speaking. Loved the clay, Loved the human form…this months blog image is of “Grace”, one of my favorite female studies. The Crucible has a copy FP/5, if you ever get a chance to stop by make sure you take the time to study her beauty… Here’s to you Robert, may you find peace in this next journey…Love ya brother, I’ll miss you…

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