Let Fall Begin…..

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My favorite season, even though it is the time for outside life to transcend back to being remade, the colors, the atmospheres created due to the changes, makes it remarkable…

The Crucible has many irons in the fire this Fall, the biggest of course is Pope John Paul II, Ms. Teresa Clark will be here for a small duration of time to make the final changes on her masterpiece. We will be showing many images to come, plus there will be a a video Time Lapse on the assembly of the massive castings that create the monument. His final resting site will be in the “windy city”, Chicago, ILL, the date is yet to be determined…

Also going on is the beginning of the OSU Monument , created by Maritta Black of Texas, you will see her beauty, showing her prowess in equestrian sculpture, her anatomy is excellent! Her horses seem free, powerful, yet graceful at the same time!

The Crucible Gallery is in full swing as well, wonderful items to choose from for this holiday season that will certainly last a life time, hand crafted right here with passion and integrity! Our Fall hours are Monday thru Friday, 9am till 4pm, or call for an appointment at 405-579-2700…Hope to see you stop by!

Remember, enjoy the season of change!

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