Thinking of Loveland, Colorado this month!

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Here’s a salute to the land of the north in the great state of Colorado, mainly to Loveland, CO…one of the greatest shows on planet Earth pertaining to Bronze Sculpture! Second weekend of August is by far one of the most exciting times for our industry! Thousands gather to view some of America’s finest sculptors in the medium of bronze, to enjoy, to inspire, to purchase the wonderful creations!

It is all of our’s responsibility as artists to support this artistic phenomena, so that it continues to grow! Our father showed with the first bunch way back in the mid 1980’s and it has soared every year since….Yes, it’s had a few ups & downs, what hasn’t? All we know is that this show has clout and carries it’s crown well…Plus, Loveland is a beautiful place on Earth! Good luck this weekend ┬álovely village to the North, may the thousands that visit, respond with their love of art, their dreams and their checkbooks!

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