the fountain – by steve palmerton

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Truly one of the most breath taking fountains I have ever seen and yes I am biased. My brother Steve surpassed all the clients expectations and then some! Me as well…I invite you to check out the video I produced with Matt Horton @ AVProstudios here in Norman. He was a pleasure to work with!

We had a dear friend David Burham out of Eugene, Oregon compose the music as well, his lovely comps were the missing link I was looking for as I was producing the video, I knew something was missing, it was exactly that! The comps are scored with same musical instruments that brother Steve incorporated into the sculpture…and if you listen carefully, you will hear an angelic voice that had to be , Ms. Carlee Wright…

In the not to distant future I will be doing another video with a touch of comic relief assembling this masterpiece, it was done with about 6 men, section by section. it was definitely a chore! And this will show how much incredible work went into constructing it! It weighs 2500 lbs, 8ft. tall 7ft width…the edition will be that of 7, along with an available AP…

So please take the time and view the video, it is a joy to watch, with beautiful home made music in an amazing setting in OKC…”The Lovely Ladies” will not disappoint!


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